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Servicing & Repair

Our staff are highly trained and experienced professionals that can troubleshoot, service and repair air-conditioning units of all makes and models.
We are a
Friedrich Factory Authorized Warranty Service Center.
We offer repairs in shop and repairs on site, coming convniently to the customer's location.
Don't hesitate to drop your room unit off at our shop for a free Bench Check.

We also do cleaning and service projects for entire buildings and specialize in PTAC and HVAC systems servicing.

Room Air Conditioners Service

  • Troubleshooting Experts
  • Servicing and repair on all makes and models - both in and out of Warranty
  • Free Bench Check (you drop off the unit at our shop and we will check it for free!)
  • Part Replacement
  • Leak Check & Repair
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Freon Replacement
  • Specializing in PTAC and HVAC servicing and repair
  • Cleaning and Service projects for entire buildings are welcome. no job is too big or too small !
  • Proposals are available upon request. In order to submit a fair proposal, we would need to do a free survey of the location

Steam Cleaning & System Check-up

  • Unit is removed from customer's home and transported to our shop
  • Unit is then disassembled
  • Freon level is checked
  • Freon is replaced as needed
  • All drains are checked, cleared, and/or replaced as needed
  • All electrical wiring is checked and replaced as needed
  • Unit is then chemically cleaned using our Power Wash System
  • Condenser and/or evaporator motors are oiled
  • Filter is cleaned or replaced as needed
  • Check running amperage
  • We then connect unit to our diognostic board for final inspection
  • Unit is returned to customers home and then re-installed

Repairs In Shop

  • Part Replacement (Both Electrical & Mechanical)
  • Leak Check & Repair
  • Paint Corroded Coils & Pan
  • Straighten Evaporator or Condenser coils
  • Replace Insulation
  • Replace Line Cords
  • Replace Electronic Control Board
  • Troubleshooting Electrical & Mechanical Problems
  • Steam Cleaning

Repairs On Site

  • Adjust Thermostat
  • Klexon (PTAC's only)
  • Clean Filters
  • Replace Filters
  • Replace Foam Insulation
  • Clean inside of wall sleeve (PTAC's only)

Winter Storage

  • We will remove the air-conditioning unit from the window in the fall
  • We will then transport the unit to our shop for winter storage
  • In the spring, at the customers request, we will pull the unit(s) for inspection
  • We will then check the freon level, oil the motor and then chemically steam clean your unit, with our unique Power Washing System
  • We will then return the unit to the customer and properly install the unit in the window

  • Cost for this service is based on the unit's btu’s and ranges from $175.00 - $300.00

Beware of misleading advertisements !

Air-conditioners cannot be properly or safely cleaned or serviced at the customer's location !

Periodic Steam Cleaning is very important because:

  • Your Health - improves air quality by removing dust mights, mold and mildew from the unit
  • Your Money - reduces electric bills by making the A/C unit run cooler and more efficient
  • Your Home - eliminates property damage by keeping drains clear so water drains to the outside

Commercial Services

  • HVAC Systems
  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Walk-in Boxes

Attention Builders, Landlords and Realty Management:
Contact us for special rates and services. We welcome commercial accounts.

861 41st Street - Brooklyn, NY 11232
(718) 851-6600 -
(718) 851-6601
Toll-Free (844) MSA 4 NYC

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