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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is necessary to clean the room air-conditioner?

A: 1) An air-conditioners has a job to do. Its job is to remove heat and humidity from the space where it's been installed.
2) In simple terms, heat must be removed from the room and transfered to the outside air.
3) The indoor air is sucked across the evaporator coil by the fan motor, that's the coil that is found behind the filter.
4) When a unit is functioning properly, its evaporator coil will be cold and sweaty.
5) The reasons these conditions exist are as follows: the cold coil means the unit has freon in it, and it's cooling the air, or as we say, conditioning the air.
6) When the evaporator coil sweats it's what we call a healthy sweat. This means that the coil is removing humidity from the air.
7) The heat is pushed outside through the condenser coil, which is the coil that you can see from the outside of the unit. The unit also sucks in outside air from the side vents. This air moves across the compressor, absorbing the heat from the compressor, so that the compressor dosen't run hot. If the compressor runs hot, it will draw high amperage, which is a form of measurment, which tells us how fast the electrical current is moving through the wires. The faster the current moves, the hotter the wires become. If the wires get hot enough, the wires will burn, and if the circuit breaker dosen't do its job, a fire will ignite.
8) As time goes by, the a/c unit does more & more work. The more work it does, the dirtier it becomes. The dirtier it becomes, the hotter it runs. Of coarse the hotter it runs the greater the risk!!
9) The fan motor also needs to be oiled, actually every year and of coarse the dirtier the fan motor becomes, the hotter it will run, causing it to struggle, making its ability to perform, much harder than it would be, if it were kept clean and oiled anually.
10) The controls are also affected by the gathering of dirt. Once dirt collects inside the controls, they just burn out, period. Replacing the controls is costly as well.
11) The drain is quite an important issue as well. Once the drain becomes clogged from dirt, sludge begins to form in the pan and especially all around the two coils. Then the water that drops into the pan starts to back up into the room, because it can't move freely to the back of the unit where it would normally drip outside. This collected water and sludge eventually will start to corrode the pan, the coils, and anything else that is metal. Once the pan corrodes, the dirty, corroded, sludge filled water will start to leak in your walls, and down your walls, eventually making its own path, destroying parts of your home.
12) Room air-conditioners will get dirty no matter what you do! When they run, they suck in dirt from the outside side vents, and in some cases, the back coil area. Even if there not running there still absorbing dirt from the outside elements as well. Especially from trees, plants soil, and especially vehicle traffic. Dirt can also find its way in through the decorative front, inside the room. How you ask? Dirt gets sucked in through the front grill, and circulates the dirt throughout the entire machine, especially in the blower area, which is where you will find dust-mites, mold, & mildew. Animal dander carpeting, dust from furniture, wooden floors, etc. and cigerette smoke will clog the coil area in front, increasing the need for a steam cleaning. Please note that the dirtier the machine is, the harder it works, and the harder it works, the more current it will draw, the more current it draws, the higher your electric bills will become.
13) Well, that's pretty much the summary of how the dirt forms, and the effect it has on the air-conditioner.
14) So, we hope this gives you a more vivid picture of how an air-conditioner works, and why a steam cleaning is so important. It's certainly not a gimmic!! Just like your car oil needs to be changed, an air-conditioner needs to be cleaned. An air-conditioner under normal circumstances needs to be cleaned every two to three years. If it's located in a high traffic area, and/or subjected to certain conditions, it would then need to be cleaned more frequently. The main reason that air-conditioners break down is that they are simply very dirty. Also if there is construction being done in the area, or in the house, this can create more dirt, much faster!
15) There are some companies that advertise, they could clean your air-conditioner in your home, or even outside your home. The price is low, and the deal is tempting! Please, don't be fooled by this deceiving method! An air-conditioner needs to be totally disasembled in order to spray it, and clean it properly! Also certain parts need to be covered before cleaning to avoid damage. Steam cleaning a heating or cooling room unit could be considered an expense (glass half empty) or it could be considered as an investment (glass half full). You decide!
16) We hope this information has helped you understand why steam cleaning is essential to the long life of an air-conditioner, and how a dirty machine could damage your home, raise your utillity bills, and most importantly, compromise your family'shealth. If you have any questions regarding steam cleaning, or any other air-conditioning related matter, we would be more than happy to answer it for you!

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